Traveling is undoubtedly an exciting experience that all want to be part of. And, choosing travel destinations is one of the essential aspects of planning an adventure. The choice of a location can depend on several factors but, comfort and safety are usually the key elements that most travelers consider. Nevertheless, the following are some of the places that people fear traveling to. 

Snake Island, Brazil 

The snake island is found off the Brazilian coast. Although it has lush greenery and beaches for an incredible holiday, the island is home to millions of poisonous snakes that could endanger travelers. Recent studies show the island has about five snakes per square meter. For safety reasons, the Navy has now introduced a ban on people visiting the island. 

Sinaburg Volcano, Indonesia 

Generally, there are myriad volcano sites across the world. But, this particular one has been identified as a significant hazard to travelers because of its instability. The volcano often erupts without warnings and, has claimed several lives in the past. Besides, the area is also prone to constant earth tremors that create even much greater safety threats. 

The Poison Garden, England 

The poison garden in England is a mystery that many people are still unable to get around to date. Primarily developed by the Duchess of Northumberland, the garden that is filled with plants has a history of producing deadly toxic fumes and other mysteries. Visitors are always advised to stay away from the plants but, some even end up fainting at the sight of the garden. 

Poveglia Island, Italy 

This abandoned island has a unique creepy history that makes it scary to both the natives and travelers alike. In the previous years, it was used as a dumping ground for victims of the plague, many of which their bones and skulls can still be found in some old structures across the island. Some believe the island hosts supernatural events that could significantly endanger visitors. 

There are several other places around the world that people fear to visit. Despite the safety and comfort concerns at these destinations, they can also provide lots of things and activities for travelers to explore.