Best hostels are not easy to find. Hostels are largely about the people that stay in them than the buildings. You can stay in a dump and still have fun if you meet amazing people there. Some hostels are beautiful but the people there tend to be boring.

Nevertheless, staying in a hostel where the needs of travelers are taken care of is very important. It enhances the overall experience of travelers. Here are tips to help you pick the best hostel when traveling.


The price of a hostel is a major factor that most travelers consider. However, cheaper hostels are not always the best. Cheap hostels tend to be unclean with uncomfortable beds. Pillows are thin and showers are dirty. It’s therefore reasonable to pay an extra coin if it will make your overall experience better.

Get Breakfast

In most cases, breakfast is made of eggs, toast and coffee. It is usually served at 7 am. An ideal hostel serves a decent breakfast. It is also served when travelers wake up. Good breakfast is very important because it enables you to load up on quality snacks for the day. This enables you to keep food budget down.

Late Checkout

The best hostel won’t force you to check out before 10am. Check out times for ideal hostels are 10 am to 11 am. Check out time is crucial because enough sleep is important for travelers. The best hostels know this and they allow late checkout times to ensure that travelers relax in a chiller environment longer.

Quality Amenities

Pick hostels that feature quality amenities. These include push-button showers, lockers, free internet, common area, and a bar.

A hostel shouldn’t have all these. However, it should feature most of them. Follow this guide to pick a hostel that you will be comfortable and happy to stay in when you travel. Check out one of my favorite website to book travel by clicking here.