Some people experience severe travel anxiety. If you’re such a person, you don’t have to fear traveling. Instead, learn to deal with anxiety attacks when traveling. Here are tips to help you deal with travel anxiety attacks.

Get Assistance

If you battle travel anxiety, seek assistance before you leave your home. For instance, you can talk to your therapist about your travel plans. That way, your therapist can identify your anxiety sources and come up with coping strategies. Also, ask your doctor there are medications you can use on the road.

Breathe Deeply

If you experience anxiety attacks on the road, try to breathe deeply and slowly. Maintain a relaxed breathing pace for at least five seconds. Breathe through the nose and then through the mouth. Deep breathing is an effective strategy that can help you deal with travel anxiety panics.


Think about being in a comfortable, safe place. Many people have tried this strategy and proven its effectiveness as a travel anxiety antidote. Therefore, try to imagine yourself in a relaxing place. What would your experience be? Think about your sight, smell, touch, and taste. And this will create a calming picture that will help you deal with your travel anxiety attacks.

Use Stress-Busting Techniques

Stress could be the cause of your travel anxiety attacks. In that case, consider stress-busting techniques like yoga, meditation, and exercise. Experts have proven that such methods can lower stress and minimize travel anxiety.

Distract Yourself

Some people think about crashing inside their plane when traveling. If you’re such a person, distract yourself from such thoughts. And you can do this by listening to calm, relaxing music, watching a humorous movie, or reading an excellent book.

In addition to these tips, take your time planning the trip. Also, talk to your travel partner about your fears and anxiety. That way, they can help you if you experience anxiety attacks when traveling together.