How You Can Waste Money when Traveling

You don’t want to waste money when traveling. Actually, you want to work hard to ensure that you spend it wisely. That’s because you probably worked hard and sacrificed to save money for travel. Therefore, you want to spend every cent on life-changing experiences. But, you might be throwing your money away when traveling without knowing it. According a gentlemen named Mr. Sims I met on a retreat, and gives his gratefulness for owning his appliance repair business which allows him the travel freedom he enjoys so much, that he always pre-plans his expenses and tries to stay at bed and breakfast spots vs a fancy high luxury hotel. He went on to explain even more tips which i share below.

Here are some of the ways you can waste money when traveling:

Incurring Unnecessary Bank Fees

You will waste a lot of money on foreign transactions and ATM fees if you are not careful. To avoid this, find out if your travel destination has banks that do not charge overseas withdrawal fees. Open an account with a bank that won’t charge you fees on foreign transactions. This will enable you to save money and spend it on enhancing your travel experience.


Many travelers waste money when traveling because they are simple victims of scams. Therefore, take time to learn and prepare yourself properly. You will lower the risk of being scammed when you know how scammers approach travelers. What’s more, be cautious with locals that approach you without a reason. Additionally, trust your intuition. If you suspect that something is not right, be attentive about it or even walk away.

Fake Souvenirs

Many travelers discover that they spent money on fake souvenirs on arriving at their homes. To avoid this, take time to conduct some research before you travel. Get recommendations from retailers and don’t trust random recommendations. Be careful and buy something as souvenir when you have researched about it.

To avoid wasting money when you travel, you need to conduct some research. Have a guidebook and follow it. Also read online resources like reliable travel blogs. If in doubt about something, ask people that have traveled to your destination before you make a decision.


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How to Save Money on Accommodation when Traveling

This article has addressed a wide range of techniques tourists might employ to get a whole night’s rest while on the road. These are some of the methods and tactics you should consider learning more about if you want to lower your lodging costs significantly. However, many of these free sleeping techniques may be a bit extreme for most travelers, better suited to last-minute situations where money is exceptionally tight, or there are only so many options for regular use while traveling.

Pick an Affordable Sleeping Option

The most affordable alternative for lodging if you are traveling alone is frequently a private single room in a low-cost hotel, inexpensive guesthouse, or even bunk beds, most commonly seen in hostels. While dorms are typically the most incredible option for lone travelers, they are frequently not the most affordable choice for couples or small groups. If this is the case, you can often get a private double, single, or triple room for even less per person than you would have paid for a dorm bed if you were traveling alone.

Slow Down and Extend Your Rental Period

Traveling more slowly and remaining in one place for an extended period has many advantages. They consist of getting to know an area, establishing closer relationships with the locals, and, most crucially, spending less on lodging. If you can pay a little bit more money upfront, such as a whole or partial month’s rent, and especially if you can rent a space with several other individuals, you can save a lot of money.


You can start using a variety of tips and techniques to save money on lodging anytime you go. You’ll be relieved to learn that you don’t need any of the fancy credit card points, etc., to receive fantastic deals. Keeping things as straightforward as possible and sticking to the aforementioned fundamental advice will ensure you obtain the finest deals.

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How to Stay Healthy When Traveling

Traveling will make you leave home and regular lifestyle routine behind. You will not access your gym and kitchen when traveling. And this will have implications for your efforts to stay healthy. Traveling can disrupt your healthy living for various reasons, such as spending so much time on the plane. But you can remain healthy by trying the following tips.

Try To Maintain Your Routine 

You do not have to abandon your usual routine of staying healthy when traveling. For example, your practice may involve going to the gym for at least an hour every day. You can still maintain this by finding a hotel or facility with a good gym where you can exercise for an hour every day.

It is essential to explore your travel destination and map in advance to determine what healthy living routines will be possible. The idea is to pick travel destinations that provide you with some amenities and opportunities to go to the gym, run, or take evening walks like you usually do when not traveling. 

Watch What You Eat

Traveling will come with temptations to try out new foods and cuisines. And this is part of the travel experience. Don’t be carried away. Please be careful when picking what to eat. Ensure that you eat healthy by, for example, eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits and avoiding junk food.

Engage in Physical Exercise

Engaging in physical exercises is an excellent way of staying healthy when traveling. Do not spend most of your time sedentary on the couch or in bed. Spend more time in fun activities such as swimming, hiking, and cycling. These activities are exciting and help to keep you healthy. And you can choose from many activities.


Be conscious of your health when traveling and exploit every opportunity to stay healthy. Do not let traveling disrupt your healthy lifestyle.

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How to Travel Without Enough Money

How to Travel Without Enough Money

Many people want to travel but think they don’t have enough money to spend on the road. Naturally, you can’t wake up one day and go. Travel requires careful planning and budgeting. But how do you travel without money? Here’s how you can travel without enough money.

Research the Places You Can Travel for Free

Some cities have walking tours that don’t charge anything. You can take advantage of such freebies to travel and see the towns without spending money. For instance, you can research the things you can do in a particular city for free. The search engine will list things like museums, public pools, hikes, and fantastic parks that you can visit without spending money.

You can also research websites that connect hosts and travelers. That way, you can find a host that will allow you to visit and stay with them free of charge. While visiting, the host can show you around, and in turn, you can host them in your town.

Try to Save or Earn Some Money

You need money to pay for air tickets, accommodation, and food. Therefore, try earning and saving a little money. Ideally, you can’t go on a trip around the world when dead-broke. Therefore, try different ways of making money, even if it’s online, and save it for your trip.

Visit Less Expensive Places

Traveling to some places will cost you more than others. Therefore, take your time researching different travel destinations and then go to a less expensive area. For instance, you can stay in a rural area instead of a major city.

Additionally, pick the most appropriate time to travel. For instance, consider traveling off-season when few people leave their homes. At that time, hotels and airlines might charge low prices than during the peak season.

Apart from these tips, you can consider car-sharing or hitchhiking. If possible, volunteer to work in some places while traveling. That way, you can earn some money to spend on the road.

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How to Deal with Travel Anxiety

How to Deal with Travel Anxiety

Some people experience severe travel anxiety. If you’re such a person, you don’t have to fear traveling. Instead, learn to deal with anxiety attacks when traveling. Here are tips to help you deal with travel anxiety attacks.

Get Assistance

If you battle travel anxiety, seek assistance before you leave your home. For instance, you can talk to your therapist about your travel plans. That way, your therapist can identify your anxiety sources and come up with coping strategies. Also, ask your doctor there are medications you can use on the road.

Breathe Deeply

If you experience anxiety attacks on the road, try to breathe deeply and slowly. Maintain a relaxed breathing pace for at least five seconds. Breathe through the nose and then through the mouth. Deep breathing is an effective strategy that can help you deal with travel anxiety panics.


Think about being in a comfortable, safe place. Many people have tried this strategy and proven its effectiveness as a travel anxiety antidote. Therefore, try to imagine yourself in a relaxing place. What would your experience be? Think about your sight, smell, touch, and taste. And this will create a calming picture that will help you deal with your travel anxiety attacks.

Use Stress-Busting Techniques

Stress could be the cause of your travel anxiety attacks. In that case, consider stress-busting techniques like yoga, meditation, and exercise. Experts have proven that such methods can lower stress and minimize travel anxiety.

Distract Yourself

Some people think about crashing inside their plane when traveling. If you’re such a person, distract yourself from such thoughts. And you can do this by listening to calm, relaxing music, watching a humorous movie, or reading an excellent book.

In addition to these tips, take your time planning the trip. Also, talk to your travel partner about your fears and anxiety. That way, they can help you if you experience anxiety attacks when traveling together.

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Planning a Safe Solo Trip| Safety Tips for a Solo Traveler

Going on a solo trip can turn out to be a transformative experience. Unfortunately, most people fear traveling alone. A major reason to fear going on a solo trip is safety. However, safety should not hinder you from traveling alone. Here are safety tips for a solo traveler that should guide you. 

Travel during the Day 

When traveling alone, you risk being mugged when you travel at night, especially in poorly lit parts of a city. Therefore, travel more during the day and then rest at night. You can easily see the places you visit during the day and engage in more activities at your destination. 

Pay Attention to the Surroundings 

Be attentive to who is around you when traveling. Also, make sure that you are always in safe locations. You should also look confident when traveling alone. That’s because most thieves will attack you if you don’t look confident. Others will attempt to mislead and steal from you if you look lost. 

Keep Your Belongings Safe 

Always keep important documents like your wallet and passport in your money belt and hide them underneath the shirt. That way, you will protect them from pickpockets and access them with ease. 

Get Travel Insurance 

Make sure that you have a good travel insurance policy before you leave. Also, get health insurance. That way, you will be covered against trip cancellation or interruption, as well as, injury or illness. You can also get a policy that covers the rental car or baggage damage. 

Get Adequate Sleep 

You need adequate sleep at night so that your body can rejuvenate and prepare for the next day’s adventures. You can carry an eye mask and a pillow to make it easier for you to rest at night. When you get adequate sleep, you will be more alert when traveling during the day. 

Follow these safe travel tips to make your solo trip more enjoyable and safe.

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How to Keep Peace with a Travel Companion

How to Keep Peace with a Travel Companion

When traveling with a companion, you may have the same itinerary but different interests. If not careful, this can ruin your travel experience. As such, it’s crucial to know how to keep peace with your companion when traveling. Here are practical tips to help you. 

Compare Your Travel Styles 

Identifying your differences should be the first step in preparing the trip. For instance, do you wake up and go to bed at different times? How can you ensure that you wake up and go to bed at the same time so that nobody gets bored? You can talk about such things to ensure that your travel styles match. Understand your differences to ensure that minor issues do not ruin your trip. 

Choose Your Travel Destination Together 

Perhaps, you need a consensus on something when it comes to picking a travel destination. Talk about this in advance to avoid a situation where one person may feel like they were forced to travel to a destination. And, don’t fake tolerance if you don’t like a destination. Make sure that you’re honest with each other and everybody is involved in making the decision. 

Check Your Companion’s Energy Level

Maybe you can walk several miles while your partner hates walking or hiking. In that case, be considerate of their energy levels. So, talk about the activities you will engage in during the trip before you leave home. Your stamina and saturation point might be different. However, you can still reach a compromise and travel together comfortably and happily. 

Consider Your Routines and Cultures 

If you have different cultural backgrounds, be considerate of each other’s routines and ways of life. This is very important because it will enable you to avoid unnecessary confrontation over minor differences. For instance, your companion may cherish a leisurely breakfast or a morning jog. However, this may not be important to you. It’s crucial to consider such differences to keep peace with your travel companion. 

You need to consider many things to keep peace with a travel companion. However, don’t compromise everything and end up not enjoying the trip. Make sure that your contribution matters to make the trip enjoyable for you too.

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How to Manage Expectations when Traveling

How to Manage Expectations when Traveling

A major reason why some people don’t enjoy traveling is that their expectations are not met. But, why is that the case? It all boils down to the fact that some people don’t manage their expectations. Managing travel expectations is an important part of the process of preparing for a trip. To ensure that you enjoy every bit of your travel, follow these tips to manage your expectations. 


Before you choose a travel destination, conduct some research. Find out more about the experiences you can enjoy at your travel destination. What have other travelers said about your destination after spending time there? You can use the internet to research your travel destination to know what to expect from it. That way, you will have realistic expectations about your destination and the trip. 

Have the Right Mindset 

Why are you traveling? What do you expect to achieve from the trip? This may sound obvious but it’s important to know why you’re going on a trip. Your satisfaction with your travel experience will largely depend on what you will accomplish during the trip. How you embrace and accept the local culture, the people you meet, as well as, the things you see and do will all determine how satisfying the trip will be. In addition to having the right mindset, have an open mind. Be ready to get out of the comfort zone and seize every opportunity you get to have fun. 

Forget Your Commitments for a While 

The major reason most people travel is to unwind, relax, and have fun. You won’t achieve this if you are always thinking about your commitments. It’s important to forget your responsibilities and worries for a while. Give yourself a break from the routine and focus your effort on having fun, unwinding, and relaxing. Explore exciting and new destinations and experiences.

Additionally, bear in mind the fact that quality travel is largely about experiences. Therefore, focus more on having the best experiences everywhere you go. 

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